Credit Assessment

Protects you from losses

Completing business deals, especially with new customers, can be fraught with uncertainties concerning their financial standing.

C&S supports you with the optimization of your risk management by providing simple and quick access to comprehensive information regarding credit, business, and commercial register data of companies, as well as private persons in Switzerland.

Today, such uncertainties can be reduced by querying credit rating databases. Such queries can be made manually or automatically via an interface.

C&S is partnering with Crif AG, one of the leading information providers in this field, and offers the following risk provisioning services:

  • comparison of address data
  • credit assessment
  • debt enforcement information
  • business information
  • address searches (approx. 14 million entries) incl. all necessary address details
  • commercial register entries (0.7 million)
  • relationships between private persons and companies (1.8 million)
  • publications (SOGC 3.0 million)
  • sole proprietorship
  • payment history of private persons and companies
  • risk and potential indicators
  • several risk reports incl. score (standardized or customized)

Single query or subscription services are offered as required

  • Your offer in a few steps.

  • Your contact details



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